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Accelerating your translation projects is the only way to compete in today’s marketplace and machine translation using artificial intelligence is the key to success for both translation agencies and freelance translators. Why spend hours translating a document when you can instantly translate and then review and edit the results to ensure accuracy?

New Technology Perfect for LSPs and Translation Agencies

Introducing SYSTRAN Pure Neural MT™

New advances in artificial intelligence are helping translators handle translation projects faster and more efficiently.

SYSTRAN’s  latest innovation in translation technology is Pure Neural MT™, a translation engine that uses machine learning and deep learning (artificial intelligence) to produce results that have a high level of accuracy, grammatically correct and fluid, much like a human translator.

By applying artificial intelligence to natural language processing we can get the nuances of language that previous generations of translation technology were not able to achieve.

Professional translators love the ability to generate a translation that can be edited to ensure accuracy, without the need to translate the document from scratch.

How SYSTRAN Helps Translators / LSP's

Reduce Post Editing Time

Side by Side post editor allows you to quickly proof your documents and make and corrections in seconds.

Complete Jobs Faster

Instead of translating documents from scratch, the software creates a close fluid translation that you can edit.

Translate in Seconds

We all know about deadlines, now you can translate hundreds of pages in a short time.

CAT Tools Connectors

Our free connectors instantly plug into to the most popular translation memory applications.

Rest API

Easily integrate SYSTRAN into a company's workflow, email or other software.

Be More Competitive

The demand for translation is growing and software can help you compete in the industry that's changing.

Why is Pure Neural MT™ better than previous technology?

Pure Neural MT™ (PMNT) is completely different from the previous generations of Machine Translation (translation software) technology.

Based on Deep Neural Networks, there is no explicit language knowledge representation; this is a huge difference between Rule-Based approach, which relies on linguistic rules and the Statistical Machine Translation approach, which is based on matching sentence fragments from a database of pre-translated phrases.

Pure Neural® actually uses artificial intelligence to mimic how a human learns to translate. Plus the Pure Neural engine acquires a lot of knowledge from various data sources that none of the previous technologies were able to capture automatically, such as semantics, stylistics, gender or positive/negative words.

We now have technology that can understand sentences in their context and translate them with a higher quality than most non-native speakers.

Ai powered translation technology is better

Accuracy and Workflow

Boost Productivity

Higher Accuracy with Ai Specialized Models

The PNMT™ engine is trained on generic data. Just like a human translator would learn to specialize in a specific industry, the translation engine can be taught to learn the terminology by creating a specialized model that was created by using bilingual data.

With specialization, the potential of PNMT™ is highly enhanced, giving you close to human fluency and adapted to the specific contexts of each customer, ranging from the legal and automotive industry to IT, banking, travel, medical and more.

Build Custom Dictionaries

Build custom dictionaries with your own terminology.

SYSTRAN’s technology is smart and will handle pluralization, inflections, gender and more.

 Add individual terms, phrases or set entries as “Do Not Translate”. 

Creating a dictionary gives you additional control over the translation results and can quickly improve accuracy and provide consistency.


Build Custom Translation Dictionaries

Translation Memory Tools

For translation professionals the translation memory is one of the most important tools and SYSTRAN has many different options / features depending upon the package purchased.

Our Translation Memories (TMs) will provide you with the ability to store your pre-translated  paired sentences and will auto suggest the identical, similar matches or fuzzy matches in your current document.

During the review process, sentences you have edited can be marked as validated and easily exported with one click to your TM.

Easily import/export your dictionaries or merge dictionaries. Full TMX file format support.

Translators Can Create Specialized Models

Domain and language experts bring in-domain data and know-how to build and train specialized language models that meet professional expectations.

Not only can you build a specialized model for your own use, many translators are selling these models to other companies.

SYSTRAN not only provides the tools to create these models, but will help you to promote them to potential customers.

SYSTRAN Easily Integrates Into Other Popular Applications

Connecting SYSTRAN to other Translation Memory and Management tools is easy with many of the pre-built connectors. Beyond even CAT tools you can connect to speech applications such as Nuance or work with eDiscovery tools such as Relativity. With approximately 40 connectors and more under development, we can make your workflow seamless.

Quick look at memoQ Connector

Are you looking forward to integrating your translation management system (TMS) with a state of the art machine translation engine? Learn how memoQ connects with Systran’s latest neural MT engine, an on-premise solution compliant with upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

SYSTRAN Marketplace for Translator

The demand for translation is increasing due to our growing global economy, companies need to communicate in foreign languages in order to compete in today’s marketplace. Add the fact there are new rules and regulations by government agencies requiring data be multilingual.

Along with the demand is the need for specialized models that can improve the accuracy for specific industries. SYSTRAN understands this new direction and is providing a platform for translators to provide these models and their expertise in specific industries.  Your data is retained, you train the model, then you can sell those models to end users.

Step 1
Data Prepartion

Translator / Trainer starts by using your existing Translation Memory and upload your bilingual or monolingual in-domain corpus: a Spanish-English legal corpus for example and make it ready for model training. Your data remains entirely secured during the entire training process and not used for other purposes than your own model training.

Step 2
Model Training

Building a translation model from scratch is an arduous task. Select within SYSTRAN’s large translation model catalog the model that you want to bring to the next level and start feeding it with your domain specific data. By specializing an already trained model, you will benefit from embedded UD Sampling, Augmentation, Filtering, Noising and Tokenization.

Step 3
Model Evaluation

Evaluate your model evolution at each training iteration with SYSTRAN model scoring module. With SYSTRAN model studio, compare BLEU score evolution of your models on more than 50 test files selected by SYSTRAN and categorized by domains. You can also add your own test set to check model’s progress on your very specific domain.

Step 4
Model Publication

Once your in-domain model is ready, publish it to the SYSTRAN translation model catalog. Our worldwide community of professional end-users will be able to test your model and purchase it.
You can also choose to publish your model privately if you aim to build it for a client. Intellectual property of the model remains yours.