Translation API

In today’s market place you cannot afford to wait on human translators to translate documents, plus the amount of data that needs to be translated is overwhelming. Many new laws and regulations require information be not only translated but be secure. With SYSTRAN API you can translate documents and data efficiently and more securely than ever before.

SYSTRAN provides a tailor-made solution that meets the language specificities of each domain and corporate communication guidelines. Thanks to an open and scalable architecture, SYSTRAN’s solutions integrate seamlessly into existing IT applications and infrastructure, providing professionals with higher efficiency.




API Connectors

Integrate SYSTRAN Neural Translation technology in a variety of partner applications with our available connectors or in any third-party application by using SYSTRAN API. Calls to SYSTRAN translation services can be made using the REST architecture. HTTPS is also natively implemented.

With its client-server architecture and API, SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server can be queried massively from fixed or mobile devices, as well as dozens of third-party office, web or chat applications.